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Our Software Development Process

Client Business Processes

  1. Business requirement
    1. Gathering requirements
    2. Developing business requirement documents (BRD)
    3. Reviewing BRD with business stakeholders
  2. Project planning
    1. Documenting milestones and project timelines
    2. Creating project plan
  3. Designing application
    1. Creating architecture and design documents
    2. Developing mockup user interfaces
    3. Reviewing design documents with stakeholders
  4. Developing
    1. Translating customer requirement into software code
    2. Performing unit testing and integration
  5. Performing quality assurance
    1. Developing test plan, test scenarios and test cases
    2. Executing test cases in test environment
    3. Performing user acceptance testing in production environment
  6. Implementing
    1. Creating implementation document
    2. Implementing the final product over to production environment
  7. Documenting the product
    1. Creating product specification document
    2. Creating support documents
  8. Proactive management follow-up to delivery
    1. Documenting future enhancements into a form of proposals
    2. Identifying areas of improvements before they become issues

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