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The Beginning

AnooshTech was founded in 2005 by Anoosh Afshar and based in Toronto, Canada. Before starting AnooshTech, Anoosh already had almost two decades of experience in Software Programming and Application Development and continued to build upon his knowledge and Project Management experience by broadening the company’s portfolio of services.

AnooshTech is now a vibrant team of software developers and programmers who have experience of providing Custom Software Solutions to a variety of clients from numerous industries.

AnooshTech provides its services to medium to large organizations primarily located in Canada and US.

Contact AnooshTech now and find out how we can positively enhance your IT team and help you deliver quality software products on time and within budget!

Origin of our name

The name 'Anoosh' is of Persian origin and in translation it means 'Never Dies'. To live up to its name, AnooshTech’s passion is to produce software products that are Durable and Reliable; our products are Robust and designed to require little maintenance, zero downtime and have an easy upgrade path where required.

Why Us

About Us